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There are several tools to investigate into controls and the MS UI Automation object model itself:

UISpy - a tool within Windows SDK

Inspect - also a good tool, can be found in Windows SDK. Microsoft 

UIAVerify - it's our favorite tool. It can follow the focus or get what it's hovering over. Sometimes, it fails.

Spy++ - shipped with Visual Studio (not Express), less usable. You can use it for investigating into controls that have handles.

AccEvents - Windows SDK. We don't use it, some people use.

UIAutomationSpy - it's our tool. It shows what is under the mouse cursor in the language that PowerShell understands. It can also store the code line in the clipboard.

There is a code recorder. It's not brilliant, even worse than the Start-UIARecorder cmdlet, but it can help somehow.

How to recored code with the Start-UIARecorder cmdlet:

Start-UIARecorder -noc -nos -nou -wri -Seconds 20

and use the mouse to hover over application of your interest. After twenty seconds, it should open two text files: the recording file with full paths to the control and its shorter version (sometimes, the longer version can be invaluable).

The text files can be used as a basis for your scripts.

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