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How to program a wizard test? Write several functions like below which do some logic and press the Next button?
function Invoke-WelcomeStep {
    if ((Wait-UIAWindow -n *wizard* -WithControl @{name="*welcome*"})) {
        $null = Get-UIAButton -Name *Next* | Invoke-UIAButtonClick;

function Invoke-LicenseeAgreementStep {
    if ((Wait-UIAWindow -n *wizard* -WithControl @{name="*accept*"})) {
        $null = Get-UIACheckBox -Name *accept* | Set-UIACheckBoxToggleState $true;
        $null = Get-UIAButton -Name *Next* | Invoke-UIAButtonClick;
These days, we have a specific set of cmdlets for such use. Here is the list:

New-UIAWizard - creates a new wizard object, gives it the name and initial script (Start-Process of an independent wizard-application or click anywhere in the program to call an embedded wizard)

Add-UIAWizardStep - takes the wizard object through the pipeline (or the InputObject parameter), sets the name to a step. After that adds the step to the wizard.

Remove-UIAWizardStep - removes a step from the collection

Get-UIAWizard - returns a wizard by name

Invoke-UIAWizard - starts the wizard by running code in the start action, returns the wizard object.

The Step-UIAWizard cmdlet is now obsolete.

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