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Project Description

The UIAutomation module simplifies software testing automation when you are working on GUI tests. Based on the UI Automation library that is a part of .Net Framework since 3.0, the module is intended to make life of software engineers as easy as it may be.

For now, the module supports Win32, Windows Forms, WPF, Metro UI (WinRT), Java SWT*, PowerBuilder*, Delphi* applications and the number is counting. Third-party controls are supported if they are achievable via standard MS UI Automation, Win32 API or sending key codes and mouse clicks. (*To the extent they are supported by Microsoft UI Automation, Oracle Accessibility Bridge and Win32 API.)

Along with documentation on this site, there are User's Guide and blog (both are a bit outdated). After the blog has returned to a address, it's not always available. As a temporary way, you can visit the cached copy.

There is also a series of posts intended to embrace testing with UIAutomation as a whole task.

Source code is on github. Our page at openHub.

Preliminary versions that could be found in Downloads -> Other downloads -> Planned -> UIAutomation X.Y.Z Betas are built with the same automated release process as officially released versions. After enough-for-release changes being done, the last published or unpublished beta is being rebuilt and retested to release. As a rule, new features are used in real-life test suites for a time before publishing.


As many claim that there are only betas for months, we change our release schedule to give out frequent new versions with one or two features per each

0.8.8 -improvements to UIAutomationSpy

0.8.9 - improvements to CacheRequest support, remote access cmdlets.

0.9.0 - more accessibility providers

0.9.1 - image recognition

Release history

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